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Following Projects are sponsored by the yield of selling the Metamorphosis.

More Information at


Dr. Mascarenhas is doing a good job in India. Several times we have been there.

Following Projects are realized recently by the yield of selling the Metamorphosis

building of three Solar Dryer in Afghanistan


The Project-leader is cutting the front end

Still much to do.....


A grill for to put the food on it and having the air-flow from two sides

Almost ready. The small box is the Solar Dryer Controller

Here some Information about Solar Dryer


Reforestation in Afghanistan.
This project was done marvelously in the spring 2010 by my friend Yacob Saiid Navid.


First digging a hole


What about that tree?


ok, then let’s put it in the good soil.


Irrigation not to be forgotten! At the beginning, the trees are very sensitive.

At a small break, we are all happy about the new trees and hope that everything goes well.

Here some Information about Reforestation


Some things must be taken into acccount!

Building a Solar Thermal-System in Ecuador.
The motivation of the people was amazing


What I was very lucky about is that many woman participated the workshop


Spray of the collector with dull black colour


That’s how it was looking and the System had a real good performance

more Infos about Solar Thermal Systems

A wish from the Indios: A Solar Dryer was build up


It was funny when we build the dryer in the workshop from Vicente.
And we learned a lot!


more Infos about the Solar Dryer


With this picture of 2010, I was very happy to see how well the solar dryer was used.

They made a nice fenced place for the Dryer, Super!


here with fruits for drying

Reforestation in Ecuador.
Young trees had been given to us as a Symbol. A very exciting moment.


Here some Information about Reforestation

We made another Solar Dryer in Adrasan, Turkey November 2009


Here you see the small trees

Reforestation in Adrasan / Turkey


Here are two photos of the reforestation-project in a school. The children looked after very well by the individual seedlings, a kind of sponsorship. In particular, I was excited about the nice certificate that I got from the school principal.


Here a nice thank you by the principal

Internet coffee in a shared accommodation for migrants in Wuerzburg

It was a long, hard road until I could open the Internet-Coffee. But the joy of the lively interest then made up for everything.


Planning of a Solar system for 8 houses in Haiti


Overview of the System

Part-List and Calculation

another Solar-System for 2 houses is planned and realized by 2014. Here the planning-list

Triggered by this organization

Projects in India 2013

We made ​​in spring 2013 with the entire family a trip to India. I was very pleased that the partners could definitely get used to my impulses regarding solar energy.

So I was able to build a total of four solar dehydrator (dryers for food) at 3 different locations. I am very impressed by the low-tec solution of the Solar Dryer, because it allows to produce high quality durable food and optional to generate income. A partner has even published a report in three different newspapers (see below). Accordingly, many came to a visit to see it.

Part of the activities was also to inform interested people about solar technology in India. Some are really very interested to it (like a sponge!). Experiencing this interested faces, is a pure delight. I was also very pleased that a solar system initiated by me was implemented after my departure.


Here we produce  the Solar dryer in a workshop

Here a report in a newspaper

The dryer for presentation

Here is a "noble version" of the dryer in aluminum and stainless steel in Kerala with family Moozhiyll, where you can also make great holiday!

The whole is based by the following funding model. We paid the first two solar dryers. The next one should then be financed from the proceeds of the first solar dryer etc.

We helped and advised for the construction of a solar pump for the St. Thomas Hospital in Chetput.
Here more information and the calculation

So it looks. Here the calculation; Here is the project description

On our trip to India, we have launched a reforestation project as well.

Here the reforestation-project is presented to the nurse students. Who want to join the project? All signed up! A
indescribable joy for me!

Here a letter with "good news of India":
 “ teach them how to appreciate the nature and prayer life, including how to take care of the trees what we planted last year. Students enjoyed by looking at the trees and how it got root and grow well. They value the nature and the attitude towards nature was looked differently. I am so happy. Every year we got the chance to express and explain about the nature so that they grow with that attitude towards nature. When they are good with the nature they are naturally good with the neighbors. The relationship is better with each other.”

This journey touched my heart a lot and showed me, that in a short time you can trigger a lot of things and the gratitude is great!


Solarproject Haiti-Kinder-Hilfe in Port au Prince October 2014


Solar System on the roof of the house for woman and boys


Also a Solar Dryer was build up with the boys and one girl

Report about the Project in Haiti (german)

 Food aid in Haiti

Sufficient and healthy food is extremely important, especially for young children. Because the brain can not develop optimally by a nutritional deficiency, and this has disadvantages the whole life! That is why we support a food aid for children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We use there as a natural food supplement, the powder of the Moringa tree (dried leaves), which we add to the food. Lucky it is available in the country. The Moringa tree is truly a miracle, more in here.

The whole is organized by the Community of St. Egidio, and we are very grateful that they do it very well. If new pictures are coming by what's up that are always moments of happiness.

             beten    ausgabe

First a prayer and then let’s go!

 essen1    much_food

with adding of the leaves of the Moringa tree (click for more), we try to offer a healthy food as well

so_many_people          more_and_more
So many people are coming, wow!


Trees are life! Reforestation Project in India

Rajesh Kumari stayed three months with us as a student and it was a wonderful time. We learned a lot. She studied biology and has made a part of her doctoral thesis in Germany. The nature and the trees are also a great love for her. And so we decided together to make a reforestation project in India, but we are only the sponsors. But she does it really very professional! We also want to expand it and are looking for more sponsors.Rajesh was writing: “We have planted these trees in Village - Ladaria Ka bas, District- Churu and State- Rajasthan of India. We planted Neem(Azadirecta indica), Khejari (prosppis cinreria), Kikar(prosopis Juliflora), Pipal (ficus riligiosa), Bargad (Banyan), and Ber(ziziphus mauritiana) plants there. These plants are successfully adapted to grow in the desert aria”.


Here all trees waiting for a new location. All trees are well adapted to that area.

take_tree      plant_it

rajesh_kumari      much water is necessary in the beginning
Rajesh Kumari is the project leader and we are very happy,
that she is doing with her heart and passion and very

Here are some films how Rajesh made it. Very good!
Film 1
Film 2
Film 3
Film 4

More about reforestation in here
More about the wonderfull Moringa-Tree, a miracle