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Compact Version: High efficient Irrigation-Controller with a very simple handling, “
the “Easy-Irrigation-System


The Easy-Irrigation-System;
Just connect wires, select Program and let it go!

Here Downloads
and Links

How does it work?  

  • Using a light sensitive Sensor Irrigation starts automatic at night before dawn, the best time for Irrigation. This works also if there are frequent Power-failures.
  • You can select whether you want to have Continuous Irrigation or a Pulsed irrigation. The Pulsed irrigation reduces the water demand and works on the effect of trickle irrigation without the high costs for such a System
  • Automatic detection of no Water Flow and Alarm
  • You can connect any Humidity-Sensor. But you can use a very simple Self-Made Humidity-Sensor as well or you can get one together with the Device. The Sensor is based on Conductivity-Measuring with Temperature correction
  • Anti-Corrosion Protection for the Humidity-Sensor
  • Automatic Set-Point detection for the humidity-Sensor based on the min and max. Values
  • System works also if all Sensors are broken. Irrigation will be started all 24 hours in this case
  • Additionally Level-Sensors can be used in order to Protect the Pump from running dry
  • Manually Adjustment of the Irrigation-Cycle for example every second day etc
  • Manually Adjustment of the Irrigation-Time from Seconds to hours and many more Parameters can be adjusted
  • Manual Mode for the Pump
  • You can connect 12V, 24V DC or 220V AC Pumps or Valves with max. 2200 Watt/10 Ampere.
  • Very easy to handle. Just connect the Pump and Humidity-Sensor and it works.
  • The System can be extended by a Solar-Charger and / or a NiCd/NimH-Charger. So you can run and control your Solar-Water Pump with this Device
  • Open-Source-Project. You can even make your own Modifications in the Software and download it.
  • Serial Interface for to Scan Measurement-Values and evaluate on them on the PC
  • Very good price / performance-ratio 

more Information and Downloads


Download of the Software

Download of the Bootloader for to load the Software

Download the Manual for more Information

The organic farmer, a very good and free online-magazine about sustainable farming

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