Solar-System with batteries combined with grid Power-Supply


In many countries frequent Power-Failure is the reality.

Solar-energy is available in abundance


  • No Power-Failures any more.
  • Save and constant Power-Supply
  • No over and under voltages, who might destroy electrical devices.
  • Maximum use of Solar-Energy to reduce the cost for electricity.
  • Optional selling energy by pushing abundance Energy to the grid. Most energy-counter go backwards in this case. Or you have a second counter for feeding the grid.
  • In case there is not enough solar energy (rainy season), loading of the batteries by the grid.
  • Flexible to adapt specific configurations.
  • Can be built in 2-3 days.
  • Maintenance-free (Gel-batteries) or few maintenance (liquid-batteries).
  • Protection against stealing of the Solar-panels by sealing of the screws.


The Basic concept for the Solar Backup-System


Haiti, Port au Price. Two Solar-System with 3 KW each have been installed.


Wiring the connection Box



The 3 KW-System located in Port au Prince


Here the second Solar-plant, also with 3 KW. Build in two days only!


Contact us to make you an offer for a complete system. Optional including installation.