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Programmable Solar Charge-Controller
30 A / 60 A / 90 A
with extended functions.
Cost-efficient “all in one"-Solution for the Solar-Management.
Can be used for Wind-Power as well

Solar Charge Controller

Different Cases can be ordered; The right Case is also available with big LCD-Display

Here Downloads and Links

too much to read? Here a short Overview

Solar Charge Controller

Here a Compact Solar Charge Controller with 15A, 12V/24 V and one with 10A 6V

Up to 30 A Solar Charging-current using Power-MOSFET Technology with On-Resistance of only 0,008 Ohms

 Temperature-Compensated overcharge Protection for the battery. Floating-charge with fast Dynamic Pulsing  (PWM-charging), Boost-charging (depending from the discharging level or at least once a month loading to the gassing-voltage for a specific time)

 Five different Load-Outputs (up to 10A,220V) with different voltage-levels for independent shut-down of the load in case of Battery empty. All Set-Points for the Voltage can be programmed freely.
Five independent Timer Outputs (up to 10A,220V) in order to let the People use Solar-Energy only at the evening etc. Or to a fridge on only at daytime

Extensive Information about the System: Battery-Voltage, Solar-Current, Load-Current, Solar-Power in W, Solar-Yield in Ah and Ah/day, Load Output in Ah and Ah/day, Temperature, Time and State of Charge (SOC). Voltage and current are displayed graphically as a bar.

 Two Channel Calculation of Current, Ah and KWh for the Load. This can be useful if you want to have a Payment-System for the Energy

 More than 7600 Measurement-values are stored in the Metamorphosis (Solar-Data for more than 30 days!).  They can be uploaded to a Laptop (the necessary cable and Software will be delivered with the Metamorphosis). Programmable Scan-Time (each minute, 10 minutes etc). On the other side you can have remote access to this data using a Modem or a GSM-Mobil-Phone.

 Optional with a MMC or SD-Memory-Card 16 Mio Measurement-Values can be stored (16 bit values) und uploaded by the Metamorphosis. You can select which Measurement-Values should be scanned (up to 11)

 Extensive Software for Realization of a Solar Hybrid-System (with a Generator-Set). Automatic and Manual Start / Stop of a generator-set depending from the Battery-Status, three Start-Trials, Alarm-Message, three independent Maintenance-Timer mit Alarm, Timer Start Generator (special time or every second day at ...)

 Optional Relay-Output for to Charge Battery with a external Power-Supply. This is very useful for High Current Loading of the Batteries with a generator

 One Emergency-switch to have Light / Power in any case.

 Self healing automatic Switch-back Fuse for the Load Outputs.

 Automatic Temperature correction of all voltages

 Available in 12V or 24 V Versions, automatic voltage detection; 48V by two charge-controllers

 For Lead, Gel, AGM, OPzS-Batteries, open and closed.

 Optional Radio-Sensors can be connected and logged. There are a number of Sensors (from ELV) available: Temperature, Wind, Wind-Direction, Humidity and  Solar-Radiation. In this way the Charge-Controller can be extended to a Weather-Station.

bistable Relay can be used (they need Power only for to switch over)  

Multistage theft protection . This is a very serious point for Solar-Systems

 there is an alarm if the door of the switch box is opened

With a Moving-detector: Alarm if somebody is coming near the Solar-System

With a external Circuit: A high voltage is activated at the Panels-Frame, as soon as somebody is coming to the Panels. Of course the voltage can not hurt anybody

Up to four additional Alarm-Inputs can be programmed

The Alarm can generate a Telephone-notification or SMS and a loud Alarm-Horn can be connected

 Optional you can have a telephone-call if there is a Alarm (somebody opened the door at the rack etc). A GSM-Mobile-Phone or a Modem (For example Siemens S25/S35/S45 etc) can be connected directly to the Load-Controller. A Alarm-SMS can be activated as well. Up to three telephone-numbers can be selected.

 Another SMS can be activated by a switch. So a kind of emergency-telephone can be realized with it (at highways to call for Help etc)

You can switch all Outputs by a SMS, if a Mobile phone is connected

 Energy Optimized tracking of the solar cells to the sun in two Axis (up to 25 % increase in the Solar-yield)

Programmable Timer for switching a lamp or any other Device

Connection of a movement detector for to have a Lamp on for a preset time

Three Lamps for Auto-off. The Lamps are switched on by a Switch for a dedicated Time. For example for Toilette etc

Switching on a device (for example a water-pump) when the battery is full for not to waste Energy

 Free Setting of Functions to Outputs. In this way you can easy select between Relay Output or Power-MOSFET Output, according to your Plant configuration. And if an Output is burned out, just select by Software another free one and the System works again.

 Optional: Simple System for Cooling of the Solar Cells (particularly in concentrated versions). As it is generally known the output of the Solar-cells decreases with higher temperatures. On the other side the Surface of the Solar-cells will be cleaned for better performance in dusty ambient.

 Extensive Safety Precautions: Over-temperature protection, short-circuit Protection, Input over-voltage Protection, Battery Reverse connection protection

With numeric keyboard and LCD display for Display of all Information and setting all relevant Parameters

 With the keyboard you have access to all necessary data and settings. You can change the parameters like Switching points for the voltages, Pre-Alarm, Hysteresis, Number of channels, Battery-Type, Language etc.  All Values can be Reset to Factory-Settings

 Extensive Message-System. It will be displayed via Modem/Mobile-Phone as well

 One voltage regulated Outputs with 3V – 12V / 1 Amperes with over-temperature and short-circuit protection for to connect small appliances like CD-Player, Walkman etc.

One fixed output-voltage of 5 V, 9V and one fixed User-voltage (3-22V).

Using Solar people often use torches or battery-radios as well, which need new batteries frequently. Integrated Loading-processor for rechargeable NiCD, NiMH-cells (for torches for example). Two or six batteries at one time

Charging of 1,5V Alkaline rechargeable batteries. Two or six batteries at one time

The loading of the lead-acid-batteries can be realized with a 230 V Transformer as well (for Hybrid-Systems for example)

Very easy upload of a new Program by cable. This could be realized also remote by a Mobile phone through large distance without being there.

Data communication<A[Data communication|Data Transmission]> and full operation of all functions with a modem or a Mobile-Phone. You can remote access to all parameters and measurement values and you can also switch on/off a connected device (pump etc). A Software for to manage this will be provided.

You can activate a Simulation-Mode for Testing all functions without having Solar-panels etc.

 This are the Standard-Functions. But additional functions can be realized easily. You get a cable for easily downloading of new Software. There is a Patch-Field on the Board for additional Hardware extensions.

Make your own Programs! You can use it also for your own Applications as a Micro-Controller-Development-System. The Basic-Compiler is free for small Programs. There is an Open-Source Software and Template for that for free. Look at System/Mikrocontroller System.html

 Note: Due to reduced number of Outputs, not all functions can work at the same time. Not all functions are available in the Basic-Unit. Ask for a Option-List.

more Information and Downloads


Overview and Prices

as a Excel-Sheet for better calculation

Hints and Information about Solar Technology

Estimation / Calculation of your Solar demand and list of Items

Download of the actual Software

Download of the Bootloader for to load the Software

Click here to download the list of Features and Operation-Manual;  as pdf  PDF_klein
Download of the Terminal-List

Download of the Input/Output-List

Samples what can be done with the Universal-Channels

Download of the Software for to Remote-Control the Metamorphosis and Upload of Measured Data

48V-System? Click here how it can be realized

More than 30A? Click here how it can be realized

External Wiring for the Solar charge-controller (without Generator); as pdf:

Solar System

Wiring for up to three Battery-Banks click here

external wiring with Generator click here

Software for to Monitor and modify all Functions by a PC. This can be done by Telephone (Modem), Mobile-Phone and Intenet as well.
Download of the Software (including Source-Code in VB6) here

Solar Charge Controller PC


Specifications solar charge controllers 30A




System-Voltage (automatic switch over)

12 V / 24 V (48 V with two Solar charge Controller)


Lead or Lead-gel, AGM, OPzS-Batteries, open or closed

Max. input voltage

35 V

Max. solar-current

30 A

Max. Load current

15 A

Max. relay


Max current relay-Output

10 A with 12V / 24V / 230 V

Automatic short circuit-protection of the Relay Output

12V/24V yes, 220V no (must be applied externally)

Max. number analogue Inputs

15 (5 internally used)

free selection of the input-Typs

Voltage; Current, NTC, PTC, Pt1000, 0-20mA, 4-20mA

Compatible with ELV-Radio-Sensors

Wnd, Temperature, Humidity, Rain

Connection impulse-valves, requires.Energy just for switching


Max. number digital Potential-free Inputs




Power-consumtion of the Unit

15 mA

max.ambient temperature

-25 °C... +50 °C

max. cable connection (fine - / single-wire) Solar

16 mm²

max. cable connection (fine - / single-wire) Relay

2.5 mm²


IP 32

Dimension L x B x H in the standard-casing

200 x 190 x 78 mm

Dimension L x B x H big Case

290 x 260 x 115 mm


yes, 2*16 signs

small LCD-Display

74 x 35 mm

big LCD-Display (fits only in the big Case)

99 x 24 mm


yes, 12 buttons


yes, 12 positions

Max. number serial interfaces


Download of new software by the PC


optional adjustable Voltage-Output with 3V. 12V/24V, 1A


optional charge of NiCD and NiMH-Accus (max 500 mA)

yes, adjustable Voltage, Capacity

charge of the batteries by a 220V/12V-Power supply


Connection Energy-counters




Load end Voltage

13,7 V (27,4 V), adjustable


14,4 V (28,8 V) adjustable



Deep Discharge

yes, Voltage for each canal is adjustable

SOC-Control (State-of-charge)

yes, Voltage or SOC-Mode

dynamic undervoltage-Load shedding

yes, de-energized

Display of Load current

3-Channel, 2 * internally, 1 * external







Automatic short circuit-protection of the Load-Output


by voltage protection Solar-Input


Over-voltage-protection if no battery is connected


Protection for re-reverse connection of the modules




Generator-function (start / stop, alarm etc)


connect Wind-generator

yes, max 30 A

Wind-generator storm-protection.


Management of a Solar Thermal System (Difference-Temp etc.)



yes, several Channels

to save Energie: Power-management-Function (Auto Device on/off etc)

4 Channels, more possible

Theft-Protection, also by telephon

yes, several Channels

cooling solar-cells


Auto cleaning solar-cells


Tracking Solar-Cells to the sun

yes, 2 Axis

Additional Device on at battery full


Run dry Protectiion pump


free programming of Interlocks


Manual control by all Output


Digital simulation of all analogue-Inputs


Max. number of stored measured values

4000 16-bit-values

Optional data logging on MMC / SD-card

yes, with it 16 million measured values

Interface to the free excellent Logging-Software Logview


Remote control by a Windows PC (using the freeware Dialer)

yes, all functions

Remote control by modem, mobile-telephon, GSM-Modem


with that SMS-handling (Alarm and switches Output)


optional connection of a cable-telephone

yes, 2 phone numbers

optional network / internet-connection


Max. number universal-Modules for addition-functions


optional PI controller-function by 12V/24V, 220V analogue-Output


Output auxiliary-Voltage 5V, 0,5A


optional adjustable Voltage-Output with 3V. 12V/24V, 1A




Switching of an external high-current-charger


short high-current-impulses for the reducing of Sulphating


Max. number of independent battery-Banks

3 with max. 15 A or 2 with max. 30 A

several charger-controller parallel and synchronous


free User-Alarm-text on LCD and SMS


emergency telephone-function: SMS or telephone-call by Push-button


all important parameters can be changed

yes, more than 80 parameters

Operation-languages (at present)

German / English