Make your own Solar Home-System, the Solar Pump
Plans and calculation-Sheet

Solar Home System

1,6 Billion people do have no Electricity, mainly in Afrika and India
38 Billion Dollar is spend for petrol only for to have light!
Solar-Systems have very much charm. They are build up in few days and supply electrical Power for many years. They are maintenance-free, which is very important for the countries of the south. Only the battery must be changed all 5 to 15 years (depending of the quality). In addition they do not have the environmental pollution (exhaust gases) or noises of a generator and do not have the regularly costs of gasoline, oil etc. The initial costs are higher, but on the long term it is interesting.
Here some Hints on Planing and Engineering

Solar Home System

Small Solar-System with optional Generator

Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar-System with switch over to Generator

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Specification for a Solar Home-System

List of Parts for a Solar Home-System

Calculation and List of Items for a bigger Solar System

Hints for Solar Technology

So easy you can have a light in the dark house without Solar!


The Solar Water Pump

Here you can see 2 Versions of a Solar-Pump with Batterie or without.

Solar Pump_kl

Specification for a Solar Water-Pump

Questionaire Water Supply System