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The Metamorphosis  
One device , many applications  

In Short:
The main purpose of this site is not only commercial but to present the different ways of appropriate technologies and to give information. So I can not guarantee, that I can deliver all the devices mentioned on these pages due to lack of time. Sorry for that.
Presentation of a multiple-purpose-device for a Solar Load-Controller,  efficient Irrigation-System, easy producing of potable water, Alarm-System, Solar-Cooker-Controller
 and for a Home-Brewery including following options: Data-Logging, Telefon-notification, Send SMS if there is Alarm, Receive SMS for switching Devices, Fully Remote-Control via Mobile-Phone or Internet

Why Alternative Technology?:  
We often hear of astonishing new developments. For example a tennis racket with integrated microprocessor etc. The fundamental problems of the world however look completely different.
:- In many rural areas there is no electricity at all.Or it is of a very low quality, frequent Power-Failures or Overvoltage.
- Agriculture is the main Water-Consumer. Intelligent irrigation can save more than 50% of the water.
- Up to 50% of the fruits and vegetable rotten in the tropical countries. With a Solar Dryer you can preserve this in a very easy way.
Shocked by this facts I started to develop this multi-purpose Device. 

Water is a serious problem
in many countries!
We devekopped a Solar Water Pasteurizer. Click for more Info

Download of a short information-sheet

Solar Charge Controller
(click for Details)

Solar-Charge-Controller as a “all in one-Solution”
 In many rural areas there is no electricity at all.
 With the Metamorphosis you realize a Solar-System with a lot of additional Options
- Solar charge-controller with up to 40 A, overcharge and over-discharge-protection in several Steps
- loading-unit for NiCd, NiMH-Batteries
- Charging the batteries from Mains Power-Supply as well
- High grade theft-protection for the Solar-panels including Telephone notification 
- different output voltages (3V/5V/9V/12V, 2A) for small appliances like Radio, CD-Player, TV
- integrated Data-Logging (Voltage, Current) for more than 30 days and Computer-interface for data-transfer
- Optional Managment of a Solar-Hybrid-System. Start/Stop a Generator depending from Battery-Status and external Events (Mains fault etc)
Many more options like Display and Modification of all relevant Parameters, fully Remote-Control of all Functions by Telephone or Mobile-Phone, Timer-controlled output, Energy-optimized sun-tracking of the solar-cells etc.

Irrigation-Controller (click for Details)

70% of the water human uses is for irrigation.  Using a intelligent irrigation-system, you can save more than 50% of the water. 
- four independent programmable irrigation-channels for irrigation pumps or valves
- Direct connection of Pumps with up to 1000 Watt, three-Phase Pumps up to 3000 Watt
- You can connect simple and cheap humid-sensor. Integrated Temperature-Kompensation and Anti-Corrosion Protection, Arithmetic mean-Value.
- Input of a daily irrigation-time and an irrigation-duration (seconds until hours)   
- You can also select a interval (for example all 5 minutes for 10 seconds ec). This function works like a easy to realize  trickle irrigation system, which saves you a lot of water.
- A lot of additional Functions like Level-Control for the Water-Tank, Temperature-Control for a Glass-house 
- Fully Remote-Control by Modem or Mobile-Phone


Solar Dryer

The Solar Dryer
- Up to 50% of the fruits and vegetable rotten in the tropical countrie
s- During the harvest the high quantity of food can not be sold!
- Drying in the direct sun has the risk of damaging the complete harvest by rainfall
- By Solar-drying the farmer can have more income and for a longer time!
Here Information about Solar Drying and buildig your own dryer
- Microcontroller Regulation for the Solar Dryer
with integrated Alarm-System and Charge-Controller for 15 A
here more Info

Main-Aspects of the Metamorphosis:
. Many precautions are taken that you can not destroy the device
Simplicity. All important functions can be activated through one single program-switch. 
Flexibility: Anyway, these are many Standart-Options with the device. But if you have more ideas, let us know and we program it! And all the Software.- and Hardware-Modules can be combined the way you want. For example the solar-cooker with the telephone-call module. There will be a alarm on the handy, when the meal is ready. 
Look here  for more Information