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Solar Dryer controller

Solar Dryer

Electronic Temperature-Regulation

The Temperature-Regulation of the (Tunnel-) Dryer can be controlled by a Solar-Paneel. The Solar radiation can be used very well as parameter for to regulate the fan. But a Solar Panel makes the dryer expensive and may be stolen very easy. You can use a small Power-Supply 12 V (may be with a switch for different voltages). Or an alternative is a electronic Temperature-Controller like this one


Price and Overview for the simple electronic Temperature-controller

If you do not have a Solar-Panel and a regulation-electronic use a Power-Supply 3-12V with variable Output-Voltage to adjust the Speed of the Fan manually

Microcontroller Regulation for the Solar Dryer
with integrated Alarm-System and Charge-Controller for 15 A



  • Temperature-controlled regulation of a Fan for food drying.
  • Programmable Temperature for to adjust to your specific product
  • Programmable Time for to have a lower Temperature at the beginning of Drying to avoid too rapid drying
  • Programmable Time for to have a higher Temperature at the End of Drying.
  • Programmable Time to have a Alarm if drying is finished, depending of the hours with the right temperature
  • Regulation of Dryer for 12 V / 24 V Standard-Fan with up to 6 Fans in parallel.
  • Regulation of Dryer for 220 V Fan with radio-Switch or integrated Phase-Loop-controller. 
  • Visual and acoustic Alarm if high Temperature occurs
  • Optionally switch on and off a second fan for better controlling of the temperature
  • Optionally a Heat-Device can be connected to be independent from critical weather conditions or to dry also at night. It is temperature-controlled by the Device.
  • Manual Mode for all Outputs including regulated Outputs (0-100%)

Solar charge controller

  • Up to 15 Amperes Charging Power using POWER-MOFET-Transistors.
  • Overcharging-Protection of the Battery by fast Pulse-Wide-Modulation. This Mode gives better charging-results than slow Pulse-charging.
  • Boost-charging from time to time (depending from the discharging level or at least once a month).  Boost-charging avoids the degeneration of Liquid-Batteries.
  • Load-Shedding (switch off Output in case of low battery) to protect the battery.
  • Applicable for most Types of Lead-Batteries (Lead, Gel-Type etc.)
  • Applicable for 12V or 24V-Systems. n.
  • Temperature-compensation for the Battery-voltage
  • Many Safety Precautions:
    - High Temperature-Protection
    - Reverse-Connection Protection for the Solar-Panels and Battery
    - Automatic Short-circuit Protection for the Load, no more replacement of Fuses are necessary
    - Over-voltage Protection for the Input of the Solar-Panels
    - Protection for "no-Battery"-connection (if only Solar-Panels are connected, the voltage will raise very    high)
    - No Reverse-Current to the Panels at night
  • Alarm-System: One Major Problem of a Solar-System is the stealing of the Panels or of the Food in the Dryer. This Device is shipped with a Theft-protection.
  • With a Moving-detector: A Loud Alarm can be generated if somebody is coming close to the Device. Relay 1 is switched delayed on for a defined time. Relay 2 is switched on immediately for a defined time.
  • Small Power-Management-Function: One channel can be switched on by a Moving-Detector or a Switch or a Push-Button. The Delay-off Time can be programmed. With that you optimize your Energy-demand by switching off Devices Automatic if not needed.
  • Three LED's for to display Temperature Dryer is high, Solar charging and Battery voltage low
  • By a Program-Switch all important Parameter like Dryer-Temperature, Battery-Type etc. can be programmed. You can also activate a Simulation-Mode for the Battery-Voltage.
  • For Data-Logging a PC or Notebook can be connected (via serial cable or USB with Adapter). The Temperature and Battery-Voltage can be logged and evaluated (by Excel for example)
  • Easy update of new Software by a small Program and the Data-Cable.
  • Optional you can have your own Functions integrated in the Unit. Let us know what you need and we program it. And you can even load another Software for using this Unit for another purpose (for a Irrigation-System or for a Alarm-System for example)

Specification, Technical Data

Mega168 with 16K Flash-Memory, 512 bytes EEPROM, 1K RAM, 3 timers / Counter, 6 analogue input 10 bits, one serial-Port



Serial port


Bootloader, to load new Software by serial-Port


LED-Lamps  (Temp.max, Solar charge, Batt empty)


free analogue-Inputs

3 (if no Solar-option)

Regulated Output 12V / 24V (Pulse-width-Modulation)

1 Output for up to 6 fans

Regulated Output 220 V (phase-loop-control) by radio-Switch

1 Output 220 V  / 200 VA

Regulated Output 220 V (phase-loop-control) onboard

1 Output 220 V  / 200 VA


2 for 12V/24V/220V

max.Current Relay-Output

10 A

optional Impulse-Relay (only needs Energy by switching)

yes,  optional

Loading lead-batteries by external power adapter

yes, optional

Loading lead-batteries by solar Power until max.


Data recording by serial interface

Yes, all relevant values

Evaluate the data with the software LogView


Output auxiliary-Voltage fixed x V, 0,5A

yes, optional

more Information and Downloads


Download of the Software

Bootloader for Downloading the Software

Download of the Manual            as pdf:


Overview, Prices and Order


Overview of the Solar Dryer Controller-System