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Here to Downloads

 Here to short Overview of the Features

There are alarm systems everywhere. They often have the disadvantage that the alarm-horn is on but nobody reacts in the neighborhood, because there have been to many false-alarms in the past.  
This alarm system has a integrated Telephone-notification-System. You can hear what happens at home. You can speak to your home through the Telephone and you can even switch something on and off at home. 

  • All alarm-sensors can be connected like Moving-detectors, door or window-contacts, Fire-Sensor, Temperature-Sensor, Water-Alarm etc.
  • You have up to seven analog (temperature etc) and eight digital Inputs (Moving-Detector etc).  Each Digital Input can manage several sensors. And there can be moving-detectors etc. at the Analog Inputs as well.  
  • Analog-Inputs work as Differential-Measurement, that means already a little change in the value generates a Alarm
  • Each analog and digital alarm can be time delayed individually
  • Each Sensor can be activated individually (for Testing for example) or you can activate up to 100 groups or Zones, for example if you want to monitor Alarms only in the garden etc.
  • For each Analog-Sensor you can input two Set-Points (Temperature too high, too low etc.). For each Set-Point you can define a delay-Time
  • You can also connect up to 16 Radio-Sensors. They can be Analog (Temperature etc.) or Digital (Moving-Detector etc.). You can have a delay-Time as well.
  • A Alarm is generated if the Radio-Sensors need a replacement of the battery.
  • So wired Sensors or Radio-Sensors, what is better? Metamorphose can manage both!
  • Additionally a noise-detector is already integrated in the appliance; a additional external noise-detectors can also be connected 
  • The Activation of the alarms can be done manually at the appliance (after 30 seconds) or with a remote-switch (also radio-switch) or through a programmable timer 
  • You can get a Alarm-SMS with the according Alarm-Channel
  • You can switch all Output-Relays by SMS on and off
  • How it works? If there is a alarm a selected telephone number (up to three!) is called. You hear Beep as a Alarm-Signal. Then you can hear what happens at home; afterwards can speak area to the room where and may be shock the thief. Finally a alarm-horn or something else can be switched on. This can be protected with a security-code. Switch-performance: till  220V, 10A The Alarm-horn is switched off automatic after a certain time.
  • You can have a silent alarm (just telephone call) or a loud alarm (the horn is switched on automatic).  
  • You can define each Channel as a 24h-Channel. That means this Sensor is always active, for example for Smoke-Detector etc.
  • If the Program switch is in Position ”telephone call possibly” you can also phone to your home and hear what happens or speak or switch like above 
  • The Alarm can be max. 3 times one hour and there is a break between all alarms of  5 minutes 
  • You can input three different telephone numbers. These are dialed one after another or you can select only one number. 
  • There are following operating modes: off, just ringing, just hearing, hearing and speaking, hearing and speaking and switching, telephone call possibly, call only telephone number 2, call only telephone number 3 (all including hearing, speaking, switching). 
  • This appliance can also be used very well, in order to supervise children (using the noise-alarm and optional the moving-detector). It can replace the Baby-Phone in the house (no telephone-costs if you use the program ”just ringing”). With the vibration-Alarm of the Mobile you also have a alarm in a loud ambient. Several children can be supervised in different rooms!
  • For all sensors there could be radio-alarms as well. You don’t need to put cable
  • You can connect a Mobile-Phone to the Metamorphosis. In this case you even don’t need to put a cable to the telephone-box.
  • You can also use it for the supervision of a shop. If somebody is coming, the Mobile-Phone rings
  • For old or sick people you can activate several telephone-numbers through a remote-control if you need  or something else 
  • The alarm system can be buffered in many ways, so that a power-failure does not deactivate the Alarm-System. By a 9V block-battery or by a lead-battery (there is a load-controller integrated in the Metamorphose) or with NiCd/NimH-Akkumulator (there is Optional a independent load-controller for this as well)
  • optional you have up to 6 Output-Relays to switch whatever you want (Alarm-Horn, Alarm-Light,  door switches etc) 
  • There is a high voltage extension-unit (not dangerous voltage!) for Protection of a Object
  • The device is also prepared and tested for Heart- Supervising. A cheap Pulse-Clock can be used for this. The watch is connected to the Metamorphosis and if the Pulse gets too low a Alarm will be activated.
  • You have a Protocoll for all Alarm-Events with Channel-Number and Date/Time. You can easy upload it to a PC with the cable you get.
  • Many Options but simply programming it. This is a Main-Aspect of the Metamorphosis
  • Anyway these are just some possibilities. But it is a flexible and open System. You get what you want!  Send your demand and we program it! And you can easy download the Software! You can get all necessary Software and Cable for this. This programming takes place through the language ”Basic”. (see Demo on Metamorphosis-CD). You have many Cable-Sensors  for Temperature, Brightness, Alarm-Switches, Motion-Detectors, Counter etc). There is a Interface to the wonderful Software LogView (Freeware) for to display Process-Data. You get the Open Source-Software Dialer for to Monitor and Control the Unit.
    Make your own Programs! You can use it also for your own Applications as a Micro-Controller-Development-System. The Basic-Compiler is free for small Programs. There is an Open-Source Software and Template for that for free. Look at System/Mikrocontroller System.html

    Remark: The above mentioned features are the Maximal Configuration. If you order please ask for he features you really need

more Information and Downloads


Download of the Software (no change in Settings)

Download of the Bootloader for to load the Software

Download the Manual for more Information

Download of the Terminal-List

Download of the Input/Output-List

Download of a Planning-Sheet

as pdf:


Samples what can be done with the Universal-Channels

Download of the Software for to Remote-Control the Metamorphosis and Upload of Measured Data )

Wiring for the Alarm-System


Software for to Monitor and modify all Functions by a PC. This can be done by Telephone (Modem), Mobile-Phone and Intenet as well.
Download of the Software (including Source-Code in VB6) here

Alarmsystem PC-Remote


Specification Alarm-System (maximal Configuration)




System-Voltage (automatic switch over)

12 V / 24 V / 110 V / 230 V

Voltage Power-Supply


Max. number of relays (12V, 24V, 220V) for pumps etc


Max current relay-Output

10 A with 12V / 24V / 230 V

Automatic short circuit-protection of the Relay Output

12V/24V yes, 220V no (must be applied externally)

free selection of the input-Typs of Alarm-Sensors

Voltage; Current, NTC, PTC, Pt1000, 0-20mA, 4-20mA

Max. number transistor-Outputs (12V/24V) for other functions


Automatic short circuit-protection of the Load-Output


Max. number analogue Inputs


Max. number digital Potential-free Inputs




Power-consumtion of the Unit

15 mA

max.ambient temperature

-25 °C... +50 °C

max. cable connection (fine - / single-wire) Relay

2.5 mm²


IP 65

Dimension L x B x H standard-Case

115 x 190 x 78 mm

Dimension L x B x H medium-Case

207 x 185 x 125 mm

Dimension L x B x H big Case

290 x 260 x 115 mm


yes, 2*16 signs

small LCD-Display

74 x 35 mm

big LCD-Display (only fits to the medium and big Case)

99 x 24 mm


yes, 12 buttons


yes, 12 positions

Max. number of serial interfaces


Download of new software by the PC via serial Interface




Making groups for the Sensors  (f.e.. Only  activate only external Sensor)




Noise-Detektor direct at the Unit



yes, also for several rooms

Help-Call for old people (by Radio-Transmitter or Telephone-Call)

possible for all Inputs

Limit-Monitoring Analogue Inputs and Alarm-Generation

possible for all Inputs



Manual control all Outputs


Digital simulation of all analogue-Inputs




Battery-Backup by

Lead or NiCd, NimH-Batteries

charge-Controller for Lead-Batteries or NimH-Batteries




Protocoll for the Alarms (Which channel, Time...)

ja, Abruf über PC

Theft-Protection, also by telephon-call


Remote control by a Windows PC (using the freeware Dialer)

yes, all functions

Remote control by modem, mobile-telephon, GSM-Modem


with that SMS-handling (Alarm and switches Output)


optional connection of a cable-telephone

yes, 3 phone numbers

optional Network / Internet-connection


Max. number of Universal-Modules for addition-functions


Output auxiliary-Voltage 5V, 0,5A


optional adjustable Voltage-Output with 3V. 12V/24V, 1A


Parameter Setup by a windows-PC and download (upload)


all important parameters can be changed


free User-Alarm-text on LCD and SMS



German / English

Thank you Joe Ballantine (Dublin) for the wonderfull job you have done to make the Software more perfekt!