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Starting-Unit for a Motor-Generator-Set,
Management of a Solar-Hybrid System

Generator Start-System

    In many countries Generator-Sets are widely used due to a weak Electrical Power-Supply or no Electrical Grid. With this Software you can Start and Stop a Generator-Set and you have a lot of additional features. You can easily combine the generator with a Solar-System to get a cost efficient System with Electricity in any case.

- Manual Start/Stop of a Generator-Set with the Keyboard or external Push-buttons

- Start by Battery Status low (if it is used as a Stand-alone System), Stop with Battery full

- Start by Mains failure (if you have a Electrical Grid) and Stop if Mains-Supply is coming back

- Start by a Timer. You can give a Start.-and running Time or you can also program ”running every second day for 3 hours” etc

- Three Start-Trials and Error-Message if the Unit can not Start (Text and Acoustic Alarm)

- Load is switched on delayed, Generator is switched off delayed (for protection of the Motor)

- Additional Alarm-Inputs for Oil-Temperature-Alarm, Water-Temperature-Alarm etc. and automatic shut down of the Generator

- Stop by a programmable Max-Time or Emergency-Stop or Switch or Alarm

- Optional: Display of Frequency, Current, Voltage and other necessary values

- Three independent Running-Time counters. Setpoints for Maintenance-Purpose: For example refill Diesel, change of Oil, general Revision, Text and Acoustic Alarm

- Telephone-Notification in case of any Alarm (Tank empty, no Starting etc), three Telephone-numbers can be programmed, all numbers are dialed or only a specific one.

- Fully Remote-Control of the Status of the Unit including Remote-Start/Stop of the Motor by Mobile-Phone and Modem

- Sending SMS in case of Alarm, Start/Stop of the Generator by SMS

- Logging of all Starts and Stops, easy uploading the Protocol to the PC, free Software for the PC

- The Device can be combined with a Solar-Charger (same Device) or with a High Current Battery Loading-Device (external)

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Overview and Prices

Download of the Software (no change in Settings)

Download of the Bootloader for to load the Software

Click here to download the Operation-Manual     as pdf: PDF_klein

Download of the Terminal-List

Download of the Software for to Remote-Control the Metamorphosis and Upload of Measured Data


Overview Hybrid-System

Generator Start-System