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Can it be more Simple?
Mini-Pasteur for producing of potable water, using the Solar-cooker in the evening and night with a electrical back-up
with very simple handling

Just one switch to select the Programs:
Solar Water cleaning
Solar Cooking Water
Pasteurize water with by a Immersion-Heater
Cooking with the Immersion-Heater
Heater on manually
Pump on manually

You have the following Programs and features available:

Continuous, efficient production of potable water by the pasteurization-process in the Solar-Cooker or in any hot vessel running on fire or gas or Thermal Solar-Systems

Production of hot water for Tea, Coffee and cooking with Solar etc.

Using the Solar-Cooker also at night for cooking by using Electrical Backup (for example Immersion-Heater) . As it is a well isolated box you can cook with a few Input of electricity.

During Cooking with Immersion-Heater production of potable or hot water.can be activated or deactivated

Just set the Time you need for cooking and if you have a Immersion-Heater as energy-resource it is automatically switched off

Manually switch on and off  the Pump and Immersion-Heater

Anti-Theft-Protection for the Solar-Cooker: If the cooker is removed, and the cable is cut there is a loud Alarm

Automatic Detection of no Water for to Protect the Electrical Heater with Alarm-Signal

Optional Connection of a Low-Water-Level for Alarm and switch off Pump and Heater

Very easy to handle: You have to connect the Water-Pump, put the Heat-Exchanger in the Solar-Cooker, connect the Temperature-Sensor and select the Program, that’s all! Can it be more simple?

Open-Source Project. You can make your own Modifications in the Software and download it!

Optional as a combination with a Solar-Charger and NiCd/NimH-Charger (see separate Description for this)

Very good Price-Performance ratio.

more Information and Downloads



Download of the Software (Source-Code on Request)

Download of the Bootloader for to load the Software

Download of the Manual

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