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“The Home-Brewery”
The perfect Controller for a small size Brewery

Home Brewery Controller

The small Case and on the right side the Medium one. The Unit can be ordered with different Cases

Home Brewery Controller

and Prices

  • Flexible process automation System with up to 50 independent steps
  • Every step can include  temperature / Time Values and additional measuring values. With this a heater or a pump or any other device can be switched (for example for the mashing)
  • All Set-Points can be changed during the production, it can be switched to any step at any time.
  •   In total eight measurement modules are available per step. These modules can be used in order to switch up to eight Outputs or as a next step condition.
  • Furthermore this seven Outputs can be switched in any step unconditioned (independent from a measurement)   Time monitoring of every Step with a Alarm-Horn and Message
  • For every Output you can define whether it acts as a normal Output, with a feedback, as a open/close-Output, or as a pulsed Output (for example 30 sec on, 60 sec off). This is very useful for cooling functions or a stirrer
  • But you can also have a message-Step. The programs generates a alarm and waits until the Operator lets the program continue by pressing Acknowledge
  • You can activate up to eleven special functions to each step. With this functions you can activate your specific special programs.
  • Cooling of the beer can be done with the Metamorphosis (and a fridge etc) very easy
  • Total you have up to 8 Analogous Inputs (Analogous Inputs can be used also as a digital Inputs as well),
    8 digital Inputs, 7 Outputs, 1 Alarm-Horn, 1 Analog Set-Point-Generator (3-10V for example for a variable Speed Drive)
  • You can store up to 7000 measured values directly in the Metamorphosis. After that you can upload them at any time on the personal computer. You can define which analogue values should be scanned and in which time-grid (seconds, minutes, hours).
  • All Datas dates are stored Power Failure Save in the flash-Memory
  • Manual Mode for all Outputs
  • Input of all relevant Data direct with the keyboard of the Device (like Hysteresis for the controller, date logger sampling time etc.)
  • 2*16 character LCD display with fast access to all actual Brewing-Datas
  • All Functions can be programmed and monitored from a PC as well. The cable you need for this is included.
  • Extensive Message-System with text display and Alarm-horn. All eight analogous Inputs can be monitored for Min/Max-Values with Alarm-Generation.
  • You get a Telephone-Notification in case of Alarm (up to two telephone numbers).
  • If you connect a mobile telephone a Alarm-SMS can be generated.
  • With a mobile telephone or modem: You can remote-control the whole System including Alarm-notification and switching Outputs etc.
  • Reliability is a Main aspect of the Metamorphosis. All In- and Outputs are provided with protection circuits. Devices for 12V / 24V / 110V / 220V / 380V can be connected. Relay Outputs with up to 3000 Watt!
  • Another Main Aspect is Simplicity. All Programming can be done very easy and fast. You can also just select one of two Standard-Programs and then let’s Start!
  • You need more features? Simply Send a Mail what you need and we program it. You get it back by Email and you can download it very easy by yourself (Programming adapter is supplied !). Still about 50 % of the program Memory is empty! programming
  • Programming the Microcontroller is in the simple standard language "Basic" and may be you can make your Software-modifications by yourself.

more Information and Downloads


Download of the Software

Download of the Bootloader for to load the Software

Download of the Software for to Remote-Control the Metamorphosis and Upload of Measured Data

Download of the Input/Output-List

Samples what can be done with the Universal-Channels

External wiring Download as pdf:

Wiring Home Brewery Controller

The Metamorphosis can be monitored and controlled by a PC; Download of the Software click here

Home Brewery Controller PC