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Alternative Technology
Dipl. Ing Stefan Schranner
Dr. Christine Osiander
Frau-Holle-Weg 28
97084 Würzburg
Telephone: +49 (0)931 72353

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I say thank you so much to..

My wife Christine and my daughter Sophie, who supported me a lot in many ways to make all this possible.

My good friend Peter Ligurane in Papua New Guinea, who is doing excellent work soldering the fine CPU-modules. And he is doing it in the rain-forest just with Solar energy!

Engineer Sarwary from Afghanistan who is a absolutely reliable and accurate working friend. He helps me a lot!

Thank you Joe Ballantine (Dublin) for the wonderfull job you have done to make the Software of the Alarm-System more perfekt!

Martin Schritter who helped me a lot with good Hints for the Solar Charge Controller. Here his homepage

Dieter Gehrke who helped me to optimize the Home-brewery-System. Here his homepage


Nothing is easy! “Hard working” on the Software in India (Goa)