Bootloader: Software for to download Programs to the Metamorphosis

Download of the Software including Source-Code in VB6 for to Remote-Control the Metamorphosis and Upload of Values Download;
Information how to install and use Visual Basic 6 for Metamorphosis

Info for the Software for Data-Logging “Logview

Download of the free Software “Logview”

Short Overview for the Metamorphosis

Hints for Saving Energy and Ressources

Hints for Solar Technology

Calculation for a Solar Home-System and List of Items

How much does a Solar-System cost? What do you need? (including Provider for the Equipment)

The other downloads you find on the according Pages in here.


How to build a Solar-Cooker?

A wonderfull Homepage for all topics around a Solar-cooker

This is the genius Compiler I’m using BASCOM AVR

For the Logging-Software Logview (latest version etc)

Data-Sheets and more Information

Atmel M168 CPU (Medium-Controller) Data-Sheet

Atmel M128 CPU Data-Sheet

Atmel M256 CPU Data-Sheet




HC 573 Data-Sheet

L200 Voltage regulator Data-Sheet

ULN 2004 Data-Sheet

Siemens Mobile AT-Commands

Siemens GSM-Modem Kommandos

Siemens GSM-Modem Spezifikation

Siemens Handy SMS PDU-Mode

Program for Testing the PDU-Mode for Mobile-Phones

Modifikation Data-Link Cable for charging Siemens-Mobile

Port used for  LCD / Keyboard

weitere Infos über den Atmel-Prozessor

external Terminals Metamorphosis

external Terminals  Medium-Unit

Atmel M128-CPU Port as a gif

M168-CPU Ports als gif

Internet-Link XPORT Datasheet

Internet-Link XPort_Quick_Start

Internet-Link XPORT User-Guide

XPORT Device-Installer

Lantronix COM-Port Redirector