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More Applications

   Your children are watching too much TV?
This Device can help you!

Often the Problem with the Television is that the children stay to long watching TV. How can you control this? It is very hard to check it consequently.
With this Software you can easily supervise the TV-consumption  of the children. The children have a kind of time-account  (for example 1 hour, 2 hours etc). If this time is finished the TV will be switched off.
For this functionality the Controller must be housed in a box with the power-supply-cable of the TV; And there is one switch in this box for  the children to switch on or off the TV.

- Easy pre-selection of the time-account (one, two, three or four hours) through one switch
- you have a switch-off time (for example 8 o’clock pm). After this time no more TV is allowed
- Input of one free time-account and a end-time through keyboard
- Input of two Timers: Input of a Start-time and a Duration-Time. For example for to enable a special program
- one minute before end there is a alarm-signal
- Parents have a special switch that they can switch on the TV at any time without influence on the time-account of the children

Download of the Software

Power-Management-System: Reducing the electrical demand for Air-conditions and Water-Heater-Systems drastically

Air-conditions need more Power than normally people think. Around 2000 – 3000 Watt for a Medium-sized Air-condition. The problem is that the air-conditions are often not switched off, if people go out of the room. This produces unnecessary high costs for energy and on the other side air-conditions contribute a lot for heating up the environment.

With this small extension you can reduce the Energy needed for the Air-condition drastically. The air-conditions runs only if somebody is in the room and get switched off automatic when nobody is in the room. For this you have a motion-detector and a adjustable delay-time for to switch off.

The automatic can be deactivated and you can switch it on and off by the Unit

Night-program for the Air-condition to leave it on for about 10 hours while sleeping. After that it gets switched off unless there is somebody in the room.

You can connect Devices with up to 3000 Watt/16 Ampere.

Very simple installation. Just plug the Aircondition or Water-Heater into the ”Energy-saving unit” and this one to the 220V Power-Supply. No additional Power-Supply is necessary.

The same System can be used for Water-Heater Systems as well.

In a short time you will have a pay-back of the price for the unit

Download of the Software

More Applications

The Metamorphosis is one of the most fascinating processes in the nature. A creature changes completely the shape in a unbelievable manner. This electronic device can change it's functionality completely if you reload another Software. This can be done very easy through a PC. 

- Telephone-Caller: For old or sick people using any remote-controller 
 - Supervision of the your children with telephone-notification, hearing and speaking to them 
- Controlling of the television-consumption of the children with different time-accounts 
- Universal switch-appliance for any sensors (level, temperature, brightness, flow, pressure, moisture) also in combination with a time-control 
- Logging of up to eight measurements. Transfer of the data to the PC and evaluation  
- Switching up to 7 relays with the computer including analog Setpoints 
- Switching of different devices by a remote-control (Telephone or Mobile-Phone)